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Vordis from Solheimar

"Vordis" means "Spring Goddess".

Vordis was born on April 4th, 2009. Her mother is Perla from
Bluegrass, which is a 2nd prize 4-gaited palomino mare, and
her father is Parker fra Solheimar, which is a high 1st prize,
4-gaited chestnut stallion. Vordis is a pretty red dun with a
nice mane and tail. Vordis is very sweet, and fun to work with.
She is 4-gaited with a great floating trot and a push off the butt
type of canter. Vordis is on the tall side, for an Icelandic. She is
very smart and athletic! This young mare will be able to do
anything the rider would like to do, whether it be jumping to
dressage or a trail horse. Vordis is curious and brave.
Update! Vordis has been saddled and bridled, and has been
ridden a handful of times. She has been very good with
everything. She is very smart and easy going!

Vordis has been sold! :)

Vordis Vordis and Ara Vordis and Saga Vordis
Vordis Vordis Vordis & Katina Vordis
Vordis Vordis Vordis Vordis