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Welcome to Boulder Ridge Icelandics.

The three of us Tolting

We are a small hobby farm located in Southern Maine.
We have only one breed of horse on this farm, which is the
Icelandic horse. Feel free to look around and learn about
the horses!

Brian, Krista & Cindy, and some of the horses

The Icelandic Horse is known for their very smooth gait, the
Tolt. Which is a four-beated gait that is natural and can be
used for long distances. These horses can be either 4 or 5
gaited. The 4-gaited horse has the walk, trot, canter, and tolt.
The 5-gaited has the same gaits as the 4-gaited but also has the
Flying Pace, which is a two-beated lateral gait that is very fast
and used for sprint racing. Even though the Icelandic stands
from 12.2-14 Hands, they are not called a "pony", for a few
reasons. There is no Icelandic word for "pony", and because of
their bone density, their fantastic attitude, and they are strong,
with no problem carrying adult men and women. Those are
some reasons why they are the Icelandic horse!

Icelandics are very easy keepers and a thick winter coat protects
them in cold climates. Slow to mature they are usually not ridden
until they are four or five years old, but it is not unusual to ride
them into their late twenties or early thirties. A great variety of
colors, including many shades of dun and pintos can be found
in the breed.

Description of the Gaits of the Icelandic Horse

Boulder Ridge Farm Farm
This is our new 6 stall barn Indoor Riding arena